the Vikings Have COME!

Dark Boar will be attending several faires and other events throughout the year. At the events we attend, we set up an encampment and participate in the event. As many members as are able to attend these functions are encouraged to do so. We have regular meetings to gather, feast, discuss ideas or concerns and make plans for future raids.

The BoarSworn also have scheduled practice days to enable those Dark Boar Members whom wish to BE the Warrior Elite to train and hone their skill and proficiency with the various weapons and tactics of the Viking.

We now know as early as 1500bc the Scandinavians were exchanging goods across the North Sea with the peoples of Ireland, and England. By the first century they were trading with the Romans. The fifth century found them hosting foreign merchants at bustling Scandinavian market towns. By the end of the 8th century, with their expert ship building skills, they had developed a formidable sailing vessel, the longship. Fast, nimble, seaworthy and capable of being beached along coasts or rowed up rivers (even moved across land).

The longship opened the world to those who desired to increase their status or holdings or even to resettle. A new era of aggressive expansion began with devastating attacks by Norsemen on monasteries and other targets along the coasts of England and Europe. It is commonly accepted that this time period during the 9th through 11th centuries is known as

the Viking Age.

Dark Boar Vikings
Dark Boar is a collective of like minded hobbyists from all over northern California, who enjoy Renfaires, Scottish Games and the re-enactment of this period of raiding, trading, and colonization. Indeed, many of us have even traced our roots to the bold Scandinavians. We are a very open, encouraging and accepting group of enthusiasts. Our members bring a wide range of skills, knowledge, vocations and creative energy to the group that enhances our ability to recreate a well rounded portrait of the "Vikings" - a people who owe their success as much to their adaptability and ingenuity as to their ferocity.

~ Honor thru Courage - Strength of Family ~

welcome  to  Dark Boar Vikings!

The origin and use of the term Viking remains debatable among many scholars, and even much of the history of the adventurous Scandinavian peoples are shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. Most will agree, however, the word Viking refers to any of the seafaring people from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway who plundered the coasts of northern and western Europe as well as those who colonized these and other areas. They were also known by the names Danes, Northmen, Rus and Norsemen.



  • woodwork
  • Fact Vs. Myth
  • Weaving
  • weapons training
  • FAmily Fun
  • Demonstrations
  • Discovery
  • historical destinations
  • fellowship
  • Beading & wire work
  • Viking cooking
  • practical crafting